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Who we are

Founded in Italy in 2000, Water Powered srl has always been committed to the creation of personal care and hygiene products, developing its proposals with an innovative drive that has also allowed the achievement of several international patents.

The company's mission is to guarantee maximum effectiveness of the treatments offered, while always respecting the environment. Recent climate changes, new energy needs, the constant and continuous depletion of natural resources (primarily water) cannot help but become the object of the attention of those who, in the exercise of their activity, can make a significant contribution in ecosystem protection.

Water Powered srl is therefore committed to pursuing this objective. Personal well-being and environmental well-being.

This well-being is expressed in a vast range of articles, each dedicated to a particular personal care, each relating to a Brand.

All Water Powered Brands

The oral hygiene line, created with the dental water flosser that can be connected directly to the tap, SoWash, the ecological water flosser that does not consume energy (find out more)

Devices for home intestinal washing. My Perfect Colon, the intestinal cleansing kit that gives access to the benefits of colon hydrotherapy (find out more)


Intimate hygiene line, both at home and when travelling. Hello Bidet, the device that allows you to wash your intimate area in case of difficulty or impossibility of various kinds (find out more)


Hello Bear, the baby shower that makes bathing easier for parents (find out more)


Vaginal lavage devices. Pink Shower, the shower head for vaginal washing to be carried out wherever you are (find out more)
The device for anal and rectal washing that can also be used without cannulas and easily transported (find out more)

From the commitment of Water Powered srl to reduce water waste, Recò Water was born in 2019, a "special" drain to replace the classic kitchen sink drain which allows you to recover non-soaped or chemically treated water (find out more)

The Water Powered Brands