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Technical Information on So Wash

We often get asked "Why So Wash" is the best water flosser?
Let's see some technical and unique features of this water flosser

Hi Flow System

SoWash is equipped with the innovative system “Hi-Flow” which allows you to activate/deactivate the water flow control valve so that you can use, completely or not, the water pressure available in your tap.
The Hi-Flow system affects the outgoing water flow in the case of a tap with water pressure equal to or greater than 2 bar.r.
By activating Hi-Flow there is an immediate increase in the pressure of the outgoing water jet. If you prefer a more delicate jet, simply deactivate the Hi-Flow systemw”

 Sistema Hi-Flow con valvola aperta o chiusa

Clinically proven effectiveness

In-depth studies carried out by the Second University of Naples demonstrate the effectiveness of the SoWash water jet and its accessories.

After just 14 days of using the SoWash system it was found:

  • 70% plaque (vpi);
  • 60% gum bleeding (bop).

Some other important findings from the study:

The SoWash water flosser is particularly suitable in case of orthodontic appliances, installations or bridges, Indeed:

"in patients who have difficulty practicing good oral hygiene with brushing, in patients with orthodontic braces and in all cases of difficult cleansing of the interdental spaces, the advantage in using the SoWash water flosser - water jet appears more evident.""

"The use of the tested device has demonstrated, from a clinical point of view, a strong reduction in bacterial plaque.""

"the device has demonstrated, from a biochemical point of view, significant improvements in terms of crevicular fluid composition.""

".....the use of the SoWash water flosser improves the clinical-biochemical picture after treatment."."

Clinical study carried out by the SECOND UNIVERSITY OF NAPLES on 50 subjects suffering from gingivitis and/or periodontitis who were made to use the SoWash system with the accessories for 14 days: Standard water jet; Water flosser; Water brush.