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Welcome to Water Powered! Start harnessing the power of water!
Welcome to Water Powered! Start harnessing the power of water!

My Perfect Colon | 5 Micron membrane water filters - 10 pcs

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My Perfect Colon - 5 Micron Membrane Water Filters - 10 pcs

The My Perfect Colon filterit features afilter membrane of typemedical 5 micron which guarantees high water filtration,holding back possiblebacteria (such as candida albicans),impurity in water suspension (such as rust, metal deposits such as lead and zinc dust, mould) and in general all othermicro particles in suspension such as limestone, sand, algae residues, etc. up to 5 microns in size. The filtering action of this component is considerably higher than that of the aerator filter mounted on the tap: it iswarmly recommended use especially in the presence oflow quality tap water.



With fittings , the filter is easily mounted on the spiral tube of the My Perfect Colon device (see picture). The filter is contained in a transparent box which allows the immediate visual inspection of the conditions of the filter membrane, subject to the accumulation of dirt filtered gradually with use.

The My Perfect Colon filter, if usedwith average clean drinking water, it lasts about 20 litres. This duration decreases if the water used is dirtier. To ensure greater water purity, an adequate water flow and to prevent bacteria from developing in the filter between one wash and another,please replace the filter at each wash.

THEL filter goes , Anyway,absolutely substitute when the surface darkens: depending on the elements contained in the water and filtered, the color may vary. For example. in case of water with rust particles the filter will tend to become brownish.


Box contents

  • 10 My Perfect Colon filters with 5 micron membranes;
  • User manual.


About My Perfect Colon - 5 Micron Membrane Water Filters

  • 5 micron membrane filter for filtering water during washing;
  • Accessory in pack of 10 pcs;
  • Italian product. Telephone and Email Assistance from Italy.


To purchase in a pharmacy, indicate the following code to the pharmacist:

Parapharmaceutical Code: 922338975

To connect My Perfect Colon to your faucet, you need to replace, only the first time , the filter of your tap with the one supplied in the package. This filter is equipped with 4 teeth inside which allow the attachment of the graft of the various products.

Not all faucets are the same size!

All Water Powered packs carry the adapters for Standard taps with internal or external thread.
However, some faucets may have dimensions " not standard ". For this reason, before purchasing Water Powered products, we recommend checking the type of your faucet.

How do I check the type of my faucet?

Click here and go to the complete guide for recognizing your tap!!

Find out more about My Perfect Colon

My Perfect Colon for colon cleansing in the comfort of your home:
it connects easily and in a few moments directly to the bathroom faucet and allows you to wash the intestines in a practical, safe, simple and effective way, sitting comfortably on the toilet bowl!

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