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How do Water Powered products connect to the tap?

All Water Powered products have in common the connection to the tap.
This occurs thanks to a special bayonet coupling system which guarantees a solid and easy connection.

To connect the So Wash hydropulser, as well as for My Perfect Colon, Hello Bidet, Hello Bear, Pink Shower and BOB, it is necessary to replace, only the first time , the filter of your tap with the one supplied in the package.
This filter is equipped with 4 teeth inside which allow the attachment of the graft of the various products.

The Water Powered aerator holder can be adapted to all taps with unscrewable aerator filter in compliance with the UNI-EN 246 standard. This standard is respected by most of the taps with unscrewable filter on the market.

Before purchasing Water Powered products, it is advisable to check the type of your faucet.

How do I recognize the size of my tap?

Guida Rapida al riconoscimento del rubinetto sowash

Guide for recognizing your tap

1) Identify the type of your faucet among those indicated (type A, B or C);

2) Unscrew the filter holder/filter from your tap and check its model and size (blue columns);

3) Check the filter holder/adapter needed to connect Water Powered devices (yellow column).

It is possible to connect the Water Powered devices to the taps of types A and B also with the Addy universal travel adapter (accessory included only in some packages).

Regardless of the sink faucet, it is possible to connect the Water Powered devices to the shower hose thanks to the multifunctional fitting (accessory).

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