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What is Hello Bidet?

Hello Bidet is there practical hand shower that allows thorough personal hygiene , in a simple and hygienic way, standing comfortably on the toilet.

Hello Bidet connects directly to the faucet , works exclusively thanks to water pressure, without the need for batteries or electricity, all with extreme ease and practicality!

Hello Bidet is ideal for those who do not have a bidet in their bathroom or when traveling to countries where bidets are not normally used.

It is also particularly suitable for those who need to wash themselves or others without directly touching their private parts with their hands.

Unlike other similar products (sometimes known as " Shattaf ") which must be installed permanently to the toilet pipes and therefore only work with cold water, Hello Bidet, in a completely innovative way, connects in an instant to the sink or shower according to your needs and allows you to adjust before I also use the temperature through the tap control.

Hello Bidet does not need of particular maintenance and can be stored in very little space and discreetly after use.

Hello Bidet is equipped with a control valve that adjusts the pressure automatically (patented system), so that the jet is never too strong, and with a 3mt spiral hose that allows connection to the tap even if it is far from the toilet.

Hello Bidet is available in two packs :

Basic: particularly suitable for frequent use at home and equipped with a filter with adapter;

Travel: ideal for those who travel because, thanks to the universal quick adapter "Addy", supplied in the package, it can be used anywhere with extreme comfort.

You can buy Hello Bidet products on this site in the Shop section and it will be shipped to your home in a few days; or in a pharmacy or parapharmacy.