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Hello Bear

For perfect cleaning of younger children here isHello Bear, themultipurpose shower very practical for thebaby bath or to wash the children who are becoming familiar with the potty.
Hello Bear is an easy-to-use product that is comfortable for both parents and children:Yes connect directly to the faucet of the bidet or washbasin and allows you to adjust the water temperature even during use.
The Hello Bear hand shower is designed to have adelicate jet and not annoying for the child, it is light and easy to handle. The kit also includes a single jet nozzle forclean cloth diapers.
Hello Bear can be used easilyeven on the go thanks to the universal quick adapter addy which connects to any tap in a few seconds and, moreover, is light and small (15*5*13cm 270gr): you can therefore store it in the practical bag supplied and take it with you in a backpack or directly in your suitcase..

Hello Bear is part of the Hello Bidet line and is the multi-purpose hand shower designed with the needs of parents and children in mind: Hello Bear can be used at every diaper change, during bath time, or to wash babies who are learning to use the potty .
Quick and easy to use, Hello Bear connects directly to the tap when needed, allowing you to adjust the water temperature even during use.
Hello Bear , Unlike Hello Bidet , has an outlet with 16 holes to guarantee a delicate and never annoying jet for the baby .
In addition, it includes as an accessory a useful single jet nozzle for cleaning cloth diapers.
Hello Bear is also ideal for traveling thanks to its small size and to the Addy universal quick adapter included which allows you to connect it to any faucet in seconds.