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Welcome to Water Powered! Start harnessing the power of water!
Welcome to Water Powered! Start harnessing the power of water!

SoWash Massage Head | Blister 2 pieces

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SoWash Massage Head

The hydropulser head has three pulsating water jets to ensure interdental cleaning and, at the same time, gum hydromassage.

It is ideal for those who have slightly more sensitive gums but do not want to give up accurate and fresh oral hygiene.


It mounts directly and easily on the handle of the SoWash system.

The package contains:

  • 2 Massage heads with 3 jets.

About So Wash massage head 2 pieces

  • Replacement of 2 massage heads;
  • Italian product. Telephone and Email Assistance from Italy.

To purchase in a pharmacy, indicate the following code to the pharmacist:

Parapharmaceutical code:902777818

    Discover all types of SoWash heads:
    HYDROJET: with single linear jet, for precise and deep interdental cleaning. Also indicated for daily hygiene for orthodontic appliances, dental implants or orthodontic prostheses.Find out more!

    VORTEX SPACER: with three pulsating jets converging on the same point that act alternately from three different angles, creating a vortex effect that removes even the most resistant food residues with power and effectiveness, for extraordinary cleaning! The Spacer version is ideal for people with regular teeth and also for those with sensitive gums.. Find out more!

    ORTHODONTIC VORTEX: the Vortice head in the Orthodontic version is purely indicated for people with orthodontic appliances or in case of irregular dentition.Find out more!

    VORTEX BRUSH: the Vortice head in the Brush version combines the action of the bristles with the three pulsating converging jets of the Vortice technology. Ideal for daily hygiene.Find out more!

    SPRAY BALLS: with its jet with spray effect it allows interdental cleaning in a gentle way. Suitable for sensitive gums.. Find out more!

    AIR , the SoWash Air head (International Patent) adds air micro-bubbles to the water jet which make the jet delicate, therefore ideal even in the case of sensitive gums, moreover it is rich in oxygen thanks to which it is possible to fight bacteria more effectively responsible for the plaque. Also ideal for sensitive gums.Find out more!

    STRONG , with single linear jet, is the SoWash head with the strongest jet. Ideal for those who want a more powerful jet, also suitable for bridges and installations.Find out more!

    MASSAGE , with three pulsating jets, performs a delicate gingival hydromassage as well as interdental cleaning. It is ideal for sensitive gums.Find out more!

    HYDRO SINUS , the Hydro Sinus head transforms SoWash into a nasal irrigator: thanks to its nebulised jet, it washes the nasal cavities of the smog and impurities of the air with which it comes into daily contact. Ideal for allergy sufferers and for those who are outdoors a lot for work or leisure.Find out more!

    Buy all SoWash heads!

    To connect the So Wash water jet to the faucet, you need to replace, only the first time , the filter of your tap with the one supplied in the package. This filter is equipped with 4 teeth inside which allow the attachment of the graft of the various products.

    Not all faucets are the same size!

    All Water Powered packs carry the adapters for Standard taps with internal or external thread.
    However, some faucets may have dimensions " not standard ". For this reason, before purchasing Water Powered products, we recommend checking the type of your faucet.

    How do I check the type of my faucet?

    Click here and go to the complete guide for recognizing your tap!!

    Find out how SoWash Tap Water Flosser works

    SoWash, the avant-garde oral irrigator that allows you to carry out excellent dental hygiene care at home, without consuming electricity. This is possible thanks to the direct attachment to the tap, which uses only the force of the water jet, without the need for batteries or other types of recharge.

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