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Welcome to Water Powered! Start harnessing the power of water!
Welcome to Water Powered! Start harnessing the power of water!

What is So Wash?

SoWash is the dental irrigator that connects directly to the tap!

SoWash is the line for the 'oral hygiene born and developed around SoWash Faucet, the innovative Dental water flosser that connects directly to the faucet .

This water flosser is totally eco-friendly , does not require batteries or electricity, has no storage tank, so there are no limits on the time of use, and allows you to adjust the temperature and pressure of the water jet immediately from the tap. AND' handy given the small size and is very easy to use.

SoWash has the most extensive range Of heads on the market, one for every need, from daily hygiene to post-operative care.
it is the single line of Water Flossers equipped with heads with Vortex technology (International patent) which, thanks to the three pulsating jets converging on the same point, generate a vortex effect for interdental cleaning that is as excellent as it is delicate on the gums.

How So Wash works?

Understand how so wash works it's very simple!
Just follow the following steps:

1) Unscrew your filter from the tap;

2) Screw the special SoWash filter;

3) Attach the SoWash coupling to the tap and use the hydropulser.

The installation of the SoWash filter must be done only the first time : the SoWash filter allows normal use of the tap, ensuring normal aeration and normal water filtering.