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Welcome to Water Powered! Start harnessing the power of water!
Welcome to Water Powered! Start harnessing the power of water!

Why Choose Water Powered

Water Powered products meet the needs for personal care and intimate hygiene everyday, proposing effective and really useful solutions. To do this, our company makes use of innovative technologies, many of which are patented, which are easily usable by all users.
We invest heavily in research and development and, with the support of expert specialists in the various sectors and the use of cutting-edge equipment, we have created innovative, effective, practical to use products with an excellent quality/price ratio.
The Water Powered product lines are intended for a wide audience: men and women, from children to adults and the elderly.

Personal hygiene and personal care at 360°

SoWash: dental hygiene effective, fast and with accessories for every need. from dental irrigator connectable to the tap to the electric hydropulser, give it sonic toothbrush to the rotary one through the widest range of heads for water jets on the market, also for post-operative care.
My Perfect Colon : the ideal choice for thorough cleansing of the colon, at home or on the go, in total safety. The line consists of 3 different types of devices for home intestinal hygiene for different needs, all with maximum effectiveness and ease of use.
Hello Bidet : the hand shower for a thorough Personal care, both at home and away from home, also ideal for people who have walking problems. It ensures thorough intimate cleansing and is also very useful when travelling, especially in countries where there is no bidet.
Hello Bear: the innovative multipurpose shower for the bath of the youngest children. Its jet gently caresses the skin of the little ones, ensuring thorough cleaning.
pink shower: the shower for the female intimate cleansing , allows you to carry out an in-depth vaginal washing and can be connected to the bidet or washbasin.


A green and accessible offerle

Water Powered is very sensitive to the theme of environmental Protection : for this reason the company's articles are conceived and designed to minimize any waste, from production to packaging and transport.
Almost all of our products simply need water pressure to work; therefore it does not require the use of batteries or electricity which, in addition to increasing environmental pollution, contribute to increasing bills. The products of the lines that can be connected to the tap have no electric circuits and motors which constitute a critical element both for the duration of the products and for disposal at the end of their life. Also for this reason, Water Powered products guarantee a long life, ensuring excellent and efficient performance.
The Water Powered products are also characterized by a excellent value for money who fears no comparison. The satisfaction of our customers and their word of mouth are our best advertisement!

Maximum adaptability

For the use of p products connectable to the tap, thanks to the constant development of new solutions, we have studied connection systems capable of adapting substantially to any tap. Our devices are equipped with special aerator holders from only fit the first time to the tap without changing its aesthetics. Once mounted, the tap will continue to function normally and when you want you can connect the device to the tap.
Adapters are also available to make the products usable with even the latest generation taps e travelling .


An integrated, patented and adjustable safety valve increases the effectiveness of the products that can be connected to the tap, discharging excess water into the sink, to have an optimal outlet jet.

Electric line

To meet those who prefer more traditional products, we have also developed products whose use does not require connection to the tap: from Vortice Electric hydropulser , garlic Rotating and Sonic toothbrushes until the My Perfect Colon Pro . The advantages of Water Powered products can really be used by anyone!

The Water Powered Brands