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Welcome to Water Powered! Start harnessing the power of water!
Welcome to Water Powered! Start harnessing the power of water!

My Perfect Colon Fast | Basic or Travel | Home Intestinal Washing

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My Perfect Colon Fast or Travel System for rapid intestinal lavage

My Perfect Colon Fast is a non-sterile CE class I medical device.

My Perfect Colon Fast is a medical device that allows a practical and effective intestinal lavage. It can be used both with standard, medium or mini cannulas and without cannulas, in a non-invasive way. It does not require electricity or batteries.

My Perfect Colon Fast is the medical device for home washing of the rectum-sigmoid colon that connects easily and quickly directly to the tap. It allows washing comfortably seated on the toilet bowl or in a lying position using the My Perfect Colon table (Accessory).

Thanks to the rigid end part of the tube, it allows you to manage the positioning of the cannula which remains in position throughout the session, allowing it to be used independently.

For purchases in the pharmacy, indicate the following codes to the pharmacist:

Parapharmaceutical code version Fast : 971372483

Parapharmaceutical code version F ast Travel : 971372495

Intended use

My Perfect Colon Fast is intended for cleaning the terminal tract of the colon (rectum-sigmoid colon) by introducing a flow of water through a rectal cannula, as occurs in the case of an enema or entero-clisma.
In this case, however, the water comes directly from the faucet as the deviceis equipped with a special system that allows hooking up to the bathroom faucet (washbasin,bidet or shower) and intestinal washing takes place sitting directly on the toilet bowlbathroom, allowing you to evacuate, if necessary, even during use of theproduct itself


My Perfect Colon Fast must always be used with lukewarm water (between 29 and 36 approx.).)

How to use

It connects easily and quickly directly to the tap. The rigid terminal part allows the positioning of the cannula in total autonomy.

The packaging My Perfect Colon Fast contains:

  • 1 My Perfect Colon Fast device (including graft, 3m spiral tube, handle, rigid tubes and nozzle);
  • 20 Mini Cannulas;
  • 1 Metal filter holder for taps with external thread;
  • 1 Metal filter holder for taps with internal thread;
  • 1 Wrench for unscrewing the tap filter;
  • 1 user manual.

The packaging My Perfect Colon Fast Travel contains:

  • Package Contents My Perfect Colon Fast;
  • ADDY, the universal adapter that allows immediate attachment to any type of sink without having to change the filter.

About My Perfect Colon Fast

  • Intestinal lavage device. It allows you to cleanse the colon while sitting on the toilet. It can also be used without cannulas, in a non-invasive way;
  • Practical and effective, it connects directly to the tap, without the need for electricity or batteries. The special My Perfect Colon filter holder replaces the old filter without changing the aesthetics of the tap. It has to be assembled ONLY the first time and allows both the normal use of the tap and the use of My Perfect Colon if necessary;
  • It is equipped with light aluminum tubes which, connected to the handle, allow you to easily position the nozzle located at their end near the sphincter, making the anus/rectal washing operation very practical and immediate;
  • The handle allows you to start/stop the water flow during use while sitting on the toilet. 3m extendable hose;
  • Italian product. Telephone and Email Assistance from Italy.

Warnings and Contraindications

The use of My Perfect Colon Fast it is absolutely not recommended in case of:

  •  Enteritis-Colonproctitis (Inflammation of the small and large intestine and anus);
  •  Acute abdominal pathologies;
  •  Pregnancy;
  •  Bleeding hemorrhoids and anal fissures;
  •  Colorectal perforations;
  •  colorectal cancer;
  •  Rectorhagia;
  •  Melena;
  •  Recent surgery on the colon, rectum, or anus;
  •  Heart/respiratory failure;
  •  Epilepsy and psychosomatic syndromes;
  •  Diarrhea;
  •  Dysmetabolic syndromes;
  •  Arteriovenous disorders;
  •  Active diverticular disease;
  •  Nausea or vomiting;
  •  Serious state of dehydration;
  •  Prostate surgery.

As well as in the case of pathologies that require special precautions, it is in any casealways appropriate consult your doctor before using the device.

To consult the complete manual of My Perfect Colon FAST click here!

To connect My Perfect Colon to your faucet, you need to replace, only the first time , the filter of your tap with the one supplied in the package. This filter is equipped with 4 teeth inside which allow the attachment of the graft of the various products.

Not all faucets are the same size!

All Water Powered packs carry the adapters for Standard taps with internal or external thread.
However, some faucets may have dimensions " not standard ". For this reason, before purchasing Water Powered products, we recommend checking the type of your faucet.

How do I check the type of my faucet?

Click here and go to the complete guide for recognizing your tap!!

Find out more about My Perfect Colon

My Perfect Colon for colon cleansing in the comfort of your home:
it connects easily and in a few moments directly to the bathroom faucet and allows you to wash the intestines in a practical, safe, simple and effective way, sitting comfortably on the toilet bowl!

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