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My Perfect Colon e l'idrocolonterapia

My Perfect Colon and colon hydrotherapy

The benefits of intestinal lavage

One of the best techniques to relieve constipation problems is definitely the intestinal lavage . It is a very valid alternative to chemical laxatives and allows you to bring the intestine back to a state of well-being: in fact it is also used by those who simply want to detox or aspire to correct rectal intimate hygiene.

There bowel cleansing it can be done in different ways and through the use of different products; the choice of using one cleaning method rather than another depends substantially on why it is necessary to perform this operation.

Usually, the intestinal lavage is an irrigation that is carried out thanks to a small speculum that is inserted into the rectum; water is introduced and comes out together with everything it finds along the way. These evacuations benefit not only the intestine but also the rest of the body, making the skin brighter, strengthening the immune system, regulating digestion, purifying the breath and reducing swelling and flatulence.

The home intestinal lavage which you can do with My Perfect Colon it is much less invasive than actual colon hydrotherapy which is practiced only in specialized centers and by expert doctors. My Perfect Colon devices allow washing both comfortably seated on the toilet bowl and in a lying position.

Ideal even for one correct rectal hygiene , washing with My Perfect Colon devices, thanks to the natural power of water , softens and helps to remove the hardened faecal residues present on the walls of the rectum-sigmoid, freeing it and reactivating its correct functioning. The use of My Perfect Colon, in all its versions, is delicate, painless and Not involves the use of drugs . Because it is right to point out that you have to rely on safe, tested and certified tools, which have devices for controlling water pressure which can be harmful if excessively strong.

Often, in fact, one wonders whether these tools are not harmful, whether these are not dangerous practices. There are no risks if you practice with criteria and with certified devices such as My Perfect Colon, it is painless , does not alter the bacterial flora and is more effective than a normal enema. Absolutely to avoid, however, the use of the shower hose that is often heard recommended on the web.

L' colon hydrotherapy it is a method that has been used since ancient times for washing the intestines; today, thanks to modern technologies, it guarantees hygiene and comfort for the patient. By simply introducing fresh and filtered water into the intestine, it will be possible to eliminate the gases present inside the colon, toxins and waste such as dead epithelial cells, fecal matter, irritating residues, parasites, which clog the intestine, decreasing its functionality.

These toxins are usually linked to nutrition, stress, pollution and, depositing in the colon, not only produce problems for this organ, but also for other areas such as the skin, the nervous system and the respiratory tract.

Colon hydrotherapy favors the natural intestinal immunity and allows an improvement in the process of assimilation and elimination of substances, giving benefits to the whole organism.

This practice is useful, not only for patients suffering from constipation, but is also particularly necessary for the elderly, the infirm, para and quadriplegics and even those who have undergone general anesthesia, to reduce intestinal functioning problems after the operation.

The frequency with which to carry out this therapy varies from person to person, based on the problems and needs: usually 3 to 6 treatments are carried out spread over 3 weeks and then, as prevention, one or two sessions over a one year.

The improvements are felt not only at the level of the digestive system, but also with decrease and loss of weight, relaxing and toning effects, sensations of lightness, better absorption of nutrients, improvement of blood circulation.


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