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Welcome to Water Powered! Start harnessing the power of water!
Welcome to Water Powered! Start harnessing the power of water!

Why Hello Bidet?


The use of Hello Bidet guarantees a correct And thorough personal hygiene , preventing any infections of the urogenital and anal tracts.

In fact, washing with the Hello Bidet hand shower guarantees a higher level of hygiene as contact between the private parts and the hands is not necessary.

The use of Hello Bidet is also ideal:

- For who He has not a classic bidet installed in the bathroom: the use of toilet paper alone is not sufficient for proper hygiene and there is not always time for a shower after going to the bathroom.

- For all those who they travel and cannot use the bidet for the care of their daily intimate hygiene: to use Hello Bidet it is sufficient to have a tap available where the universal quick adapter can be mounted " addy " (included in the "Travel" package or purchasable separately as an accessory). Furthermore, being very light and small in size, it can be easily stored in a bag or luggage.

- For whom, for example for religious reasons , prefers to wash without touching his private parts with his hands: the Hello Bidet jet guarantees correct intimate hygiene.

- For women who, due to their particular anatomical conformation, need to pay more attention to cleaning, especially in particular periods such as the menstrual period: Hello Bidet is also ideal for a proper vaginal hygiene external.

- For those who have mobility problems and needs to wash or be washed while sitting comfortably on the toilet: Hello Bidet is extremely handy and simple to use.